Sunday, September 7, 2008

midnight sales @ replacement

Hye Bloggers...

Last saturday, held a so called huge midnight sales at replacement bangsar. it was a saloon boutique. the place was quite spacious but the crowd who came to shop till they drop was fabulous. eventhough my stuff tak laku, but i was delighted helping out medina and kimi a.k.a the junksters to sell their vintage dress,begs,colourful watches and wayfares.

Luckily their vintage bags and dresses sold like "goreng pisang sek 18".hahaha..kidding med. so since i was there,manage to capture the scene which has made replacement like a sardine can.enjoy

me & medina

baby went shopping also

Friday, September 5, 2008

botanical garden

In the last post i included some photo's from my holiday trip at colmar tropicale,Bukit Tunggi. i'd like to share with all of u readers what have i'd captured at the botanical garden in Bukit Tinggi.
i didn't put the scientific name of those flowers since i didn't bother to study bout it's unique names.