Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 4 - i am a muslim

Day 4 - Your view on religion

it has been ages as i updated my blog with the 30days challenge. i challenge myself to update my blog every single day, unfortunately it get stuck forever on day now here i am, in front of bob's lappy, wif my 2 hands will write again..hope it last until the last day.

i am a muslim and that is my religion since the day of my birth to the world...what can i say more. islam is my religion, and nothing could be change as the way it is.

As for me, religion teaches you about life. how you would survive in a world by having so much interference from the good and bad ideology. it is how you would bring yourself to a certain standard. I accept the fact that everything about us is limited. We have limited control over everything including ourselves. Thus, these rules are created just to remind human like us that every single action, comes with certain consequences.

all religions teach their followers to do good deeds and forbid the wrong ones. every religions have their own way of spreading and allows practices in their own way. we do not have a say to other people with their own religion. what need to be reminded of is that whatever you do in this world always have a responsibilities that you need to carry with you all the time. you are big enough to think whats good and bad.

religion taught us about pahala and dosa or sin.its either your next destination would be the heaven or hell. its your own pick. but, that also depends on Allah s.w.t who are the only god that we as muslims need to be obeyed.

other people would love to study islam and would even convert into islam as time goes and as times they discover about islam. what about us who are born and raised as muslims ? wouldnt we want to explore our own religion ?

renung renungkan dan selamat beramal !!!