Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 1 - Single life it is...

Day 1 - Your current relationship. if single discuss how single life is.

Whatever it takes, i have to admit that i'm SINGLE and still searching for the right person to come..hahaha, sounds over react but that's the fact that i have to rely on. i'm already 27 coming to 28 in another 4 months. it is not to say that either you are single or not u don't know how relationship works or you just go with the flow. i don't deny that i've been into several serious relationship and it ends up with a break off. at times i don't even know who to blame ??. is it me who's being so naive to hold my own relationship to the fullest or its the other party who are not so into it, never knows. for the past 2 years, i just go on with my perfect life and enjoying my social life with all the good friends i have all these years..

i'll probably just writes what came straight to my brain and calculates it and become goes.

Freedom - being single is the most best thing that you will face in your social cycle. what i meant is you will have a total freedom. is not that by being single you are not free. but your life is not attached to someone else. you can go,do,see whatever,whoever and wherever without thinking that your couples would be asking question like FBI agent or spying on you 24/7.

Be independent - when you are single, you get to create the life that will be meaningful. you are able to do what is most important in your life without thinking that your other half would disagree or disapprove what you want to do in future. if you're single, you can pursue your passions, and you can do whatever that you feel important in your life and no one can be in control except yourself. if we have the other half, we tend to rely on them and when that happens, you become lazy and there will be no "stand on your feet". being single is training you to enjoy life to the fullest and manage oneself on its own.

Mood freaks !! - moods and emotions are always have been the factor for a person to be in a good shape or not. i do not say by being single, you wont get mood freaks, but it is more or less manageable by urself. being or stuck in a relationship will build up all types of feelings. been there done that, that's what o hold those words until now. your emotion will start to go crazy and all the things you do, you will go wild by thinking both sides of the party. whatever you want to do, u must think that maybe the other half might not satisfied or is not the ship as you. you become to conscious and carefully in whatever decision that you will make.

what ever it is if you find that "soul mate" are out there for you, just grab your guts and go on. in a relationship there are give and take. you just can't expect that one day you will find that perfect soulmate because we are humans and we do have our own faults and wrongdoings. i have been single all these while and still hoping that i could find a perfect person that can be my soulmate that i can share my bits of life and if that person is meant to be your soulmate, god will help and show the right path to get together humans to be lovers and ending our lives with peace and harmony.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

blogwriting @ writing enrichment

i have just walk through one of my friend's blog ( he have posted this entry regards to this 30 days challenge. the minute i read through the challenge, it does trigger me to start polish up my writing skills through these kind of new media medium. so here goes my 30 days challenge and will make sure that i will do my very best to write anything about the topic discuss below.

Khurafat review


Dah berkurun lamanya tak menulis blog nie dan me-review filem-filem yang ditonton di wayang dan dah lama jugak tak tengok wayang. jadi minggu lepas aku bersama kawan-kawan pergi menonton khurafat di TGV bukit raja. selepas mendegar bisikan-bisikan dan cerita daripada rakan-rakan yang dah menonton cerita ni, menguatkan lagi semangat utk tonton "khurafat".ia adalah cerita seram melayu yang pertama aku tengok bagi tahun 2011.

Tak lari dari genre cerita seram melayu, jalan ceritanya agak sama dengan jangan pandang belakang, jangan tegur, histeria dan sebagainya. dan ada kalanya cerita melayu nie, dah boleh agak, macam mana ending nya, dan kadang-kadang bila dah abis movie, rasa macam "alahai membazir nye tiket berharga rm11"..dan macam-macam perasaan yang tak best.

Pada sesiapa yang dah tengok cerita nie, mungkin pendapat penonton ada yang berfikiran sama dengan saya ataupun berbeza. itu ikut tukang review la ekkk..

dalam cerita "khurafat" nie, jalan cerita dia agak menarik dan banyak bermain dengan emosi dan khayalan. mungkin ini cara syamsul yusof nak menarik perhatian penonton..tapi pernahkah anda terpikir tentang perkara2 yang berlaku dalam cerita tue antaranya sewaktu scene :

- makcik cleaner yang tiba2 muncul yang agak menakutkan ?
- Anna yang tak sudah2 nak kapel balik dengan johan sampai suruh aishah undur diri ?
- johan yang nak dukung mayat anna dan bukannya kawan dia yg driver van tu ?

jadi, selepas menonton filem nie, dapatlah jawapan bagi setiap persoalan yang timbul. dialog bagi keseluruhan filem ni ok. masih boleh dikategori sebagai natural dan real. terutama dialog johan dan rakannya di hospital.

dari segi lakonan, semua pelakon takde menunjukkan lakonan yang orang dalam panggung akan menyampah dan keluar panggung...cumer watak aishah kurang sesuai untuk jadi isteri kepada johan...walau apa pun, tahniah kepada liyana jasmay kerana berjaya menhidupkan watak yang dipegang.

watak syamsul yusof boleh dikatakan ok tapi ada masa dia agak keras dan lakonan nya membawakan watak johan agak mendatar. watak anna bersesuaian dengan cara lakonan dalam cerita itu, mungkin disebabkan dah terkena santauan pak aziz dan hantunya yang menyerupai muka anna dan sering mengacau aishah dan johan.

walauapa pun, kesimpulannya cerita "khurafat" boleh dikatakan seronok untuk ditonton. penggunaan muzik yang kuat untuk beri kejutan adalah ok. ada beberapa scene yang tidak menggunakan muzik dan tiba-tiba hantu anna muncul di hadapan muka. itulah scene yang paling seram.

Thursday, January 13, 2011



just check in at a hotel near to the beach..wahhh, so nice.tonite can have a walk. This is my first time went outstation with my office.thanks to my boss, who gave me the chance to i am with one of my colleagues. im sitting on the bed while my fingers are moving typing these words for all of you to read..

opps, got to going to have my bath, solat and time to have a short nap.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Year 2011


its been ages i did not update this tight up with new work and study for the past 1 year.damnnn.since we have just entered 2011, i will make this blog writing as a routine for my friends and blog follower to keep update on my thoughts..

see you all in the next post...

Blog owner,