Sunday, August 31, 2008

Holiday at Colmar Tropicale

Hye Bloggers & Readers,

Last thursday, went to Colmar Tropicale,Bukit tinggi,Pahang. The intention was to release all the tension that was playing in my head plus getting a free holiday trip. I manage to wonder around to botanical garden and the japanese are few of the scenery that i able to captured.enjoy

the daylight scene of colmar tropicale

the night scene of colmar tropicale

japanese village

Monday, August 25, 2008

The K kuasa 2 syndrome

its been almost 2 weeks i didn't update anything on my blog. all of this happens due to the K kuasa 2 syndrom..hahaha...( so u ask yourself). the words of wisdom "that's to many,100 is enough" is the phrase that i would not forget my entire life being a student. it's a good idea by haikal,era n aida to use it as a tagline for K kuasa 2 syndrom..

sorry guys,u are actually reading a crap note from me.forgive me as the boredom to write yang cantik2 dan elok about photography which is the main purpose for this blog dah lari..4X100 metres in beijing.hahaha..see mengarut lagi..

so long until we meet again.hopefully this time around im not writing crap like this anymore.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gangstarz Charity Concert




flava performing

the lima

ajai & one of d'reborn members

On the 17th of August, i went to see konsert amal gangstarz @ Dewan MBSA Shah Alam. the consert was a great show. unfortunately the crowd wasn't that good since its just a charity concert perform by gangstarz finalist and there was no thrill since no group were eliminated from going through to the finals.

there were several local artist also performing..atilia,the lima and the best part is when the critics group (juri tetap) also perform that nite. luckily there weren't comment from the finalist.haha....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

kids on digital

anieq hilimiey the cheeky boy

luqman,umar & mohsin

2 siblings..sufi & umar

Its been a bundle of bliss watching them grow up, since I saw them when they were like tiny little until now they’ve grown…

p/s – 3 of my nephew’s n niece went missing..hahaha

Abang Ezmir's & Nurul's Wedding Ceremony

Kg. Pengantin, 15 august 2008 - a grand wedding ceremony was held at kg. pengantin,ampang. i was the unofficial photographer yang menyelit2 between the official photographer and the guest.hahaha.(terasa macam pengantin artis la pulak...). it was really a grand wedding with the kids playing kompang + drum (dunia dah moden) and also silat plus girls dancing zapin. i did enjoy the night as got to meet with my cousin's, 2nd cousin & and the big family since the bride that my cousin married with is my 2nd cousin..hahaha what a small world. not much to say then as my writing is not newsworthy enough. ( damn...i can't be a good reporter). pictures do tell story, so enjoy looking.

pic from top :bridegroom's elder sister, my mom & waheeda, bridegroom's sister

pic from top : my cousin adra running from the reporter, and she pose...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

bijou bazaar 2nd edition

here are more photos taken on bijou bazaar @ jeumpa D'ramo..

from left : med,lyne,kimi,syed,me

peragut jalanan

dinosaur guy

with enilezze who came to "teman" me

kimi the junksters

with medina the junksters